Tomato Plants

Greenhouse Tomato-Plants

Hoping to grow some healthy tomatoes? When the threats of frost and cold nights have passed, be sure to choose the warmest and sunniest place against the house or garage for your plants in order to protect them from the wind. Water regularly throughout the growing season and use a tomato plant food to help with nutrition.

Tomato plant - Tomatoes Image


Staking Varieties – The plant grows indeterminately. These varieties will need to be staked or caged for support. Staking varieties include Beefsteak, Better Boy, Beefmaster, Big Beef, Burpee Big Boy, Early Girl, Lemon boy, Fantastic and Ultra Girl

Non- Staking or Bush Varieties – The plant grows determinately. So they only grow to a determined height and and size. Staking or caging is not always necessary, but can be beneficial. These include Champion, Celebrity, Sub Artic Maxi, Roma, Patio.

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Cherry Varieties

Tumbler, Sweet 100, Tiny Tim, Sweet Gold (yellow fruit) and Red Grape (grape-size fruit).

Grafted Tomatoes (Mighty 'Mato)

Grafting is a natural process that joins the top part of one plant to the root system of another plant. This produces a plant that is stronger and more vigorous, with larger, better and longer harvests. These plants have the ability to withstand wild temperature swings and extremes. They also have superior defense against diseases and pests.

Mortgage Lifter, Stupice, Sun Sugar, and Black Krim are just a few varieties.