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Auntie Olga's Carrot Pickles



10 cups Water

4 cups Pickling Vinegar

½ cup Pickling Salt

Peel carrots – then quarter them or halve them depending on their size and put them in a pail of water.

Then I put the dill and 2 cloves of garlic in a quart jar – 1 clove if you are using pint jars. Then arrange the carrots neatly in the jar. Add brine – seal – and put in hot water bath – just bring to boil and remove from canner.

(If you want  HOT pickles just add 1 tsp.of Cayenne Pepper to a quart or ½ tsp to a pint)

These are great served in a ceasar drink instead of a stalk of celery.

They need one week to absorb all the flavors before eating.

Auntie Olga’s Carrot Pickles PDF      3 x 5 Recipe Card Box Version