Annuals in the Garden

I know the weather outside is a bit disappointing, but spring is on its way. I can see the tulips coming out of the ground and a bit of a green hue on the trees in our ravine. These signs give me hope that it won’t be long now until gardening season begins. Everyone is getting very itchy fingers and we want to get started. I will warn gardeners to wait until after the long weekend before planting in the ground.

On a sunnier note, growing annual flowers in your garden is an excellent way to ensure that you’ll have colour in your yard all summer long. Annuals can be used for borders, in flowerbeds, and can fill up any open spaces between trees and shrubs. They can also be used to create beautiful hanging baskets and overflowing patio containers.

Our shorter season is perfect for most annuals. Choose begonias, impatiens and coleus for those shady areas, and alyssum, petunias, and geraniums for the sunny side of the house. Annual flowers are free flowering and some will need regular deadheading to encourage continuous blooming. Wait to plant annuals until after the last frost and then until warmer spring days arrive. Remember to use an all-purpose blooming fertilizer to feed your hungry annuals.