Market Christmas

Every November Kuhlmann’s is transformed into our fabulous Christmas Store, filled with unique gift ideas and stocking stuffers perfect for gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Also our market store is filled with tasty treats and fresh vegetables for your holiday entertaining!

Watch this video to learn how to take care of your poinsettias.

Our Christmas Gallery

Traditional European Baking

There are dozens of traditional European cookies & baking and other Christmas treats available now in our Christmas Store.

Kuhlmann'sBread Image
Kuhlmann'sCookies Image
Kuhlmann'sMarzapan-5 Image
Kuhlmann'sMarzapan Image
Kuhlmann'sSantas Image


If it’s Christmassy, you’ll find it here. Poinsettias, potpourri, wreaths and trinkets galore from around the world.

Kuhlmann'sCandy-Cane Image
Kuhlmann'sNativity Image
Kuhlmann'sOrnaments-1 Image
Kuhlmann'sOrnaments-2 Image
Kuhlmann'sSantas Image


Entertaining over the holidays requires a wide variety of treats from sweet to savoury. Whatever it is, we have you covered. Fill your pantry with The Jam Lady’s jams and dips, Mrs. K’s Pickles and preserves and so much more.

Kuhlmann'sCentrepiece Image
Kuhlmann'sassortment Image
Kuhlmann'sbeetpickles Image
Kuhlmann'scarrotpickles Image
Kuhlmann'sjams Image
Kuhlmann'ssaauerkraut Image


The gals in our floral shop are skilled and busy designing center pieces and floral arrangements with Christmas themes to fit every budget. View our selection online, or come in and have them create a custom arrangement just for you.

Kuhlmann'sfloral-1-wreath Image
Kuhlmann'sfloral-10-swag Image
Kuhlmann'sfloral-11-candle-CP Image
Kuhlmann'sfloral-12-house Image
Kuhlmann'sfloral-2-deerbsk Image
Kuhlmann'sfloral-4-whoville Image
Kuhlmann'sfloral-7-pointsettia Image
Kuhlmann'sfloral-8-sleigh Image
Kuhlmann'sfloral-9-peacock Image


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Gifts For the Gardener

Kuhlmann'sGifts-for-the-gardener Image
Kuhlmann'sgifts-for-the-gardener-10-hand-tool Image
Kuhlmann'sgifts-for-the-gardener-11-fairy-garden Image
Kuhlmann'sgifts-for-the-gardener-12-plant Image
Kuhlmann'sgifts-for-the-gardener-3-plants Image
Kuhlmann'sgifts-for-the-gardener-5-fairy-garden Image
Kuhlmann'sgifts-for-the-gardener-6-budda Image
Kuhlmann'sgifts-for-the-gardener-7-tropical Image
Kuhlmann'sgifts-for-the-gardener-8-tropical Image