Market Sauerkraut

Market - Sauerkraut-Image

Kuhlmann’s has been making our famous Sauerkraut for generations from a recipe handed down by our grandparents.

It’s made it our on site Government Approved & Inspected Kitchen from Kuhlmann’s grown cabbage, where it’s shredded and pressed into stone crocks. When it’s ready, we jar and seal it for you to enjoy. Our Sauerkraut is always fresh, delicious and ready to eat. Available year-round!

Step - 1

We start with a gigantic pile of cabbage. This year we will shred over 12,000 pounds.

Market - Pile-of-Sauerkraut

Market - Shredding-Sauerkraut

Step - 2

The next step is the shredding of the cabbage. We have two machines going steady to keep up with production.

Step - 3

Dozens of ten-gallon crocks are then filled with the shredded Cabbage.

Market - Sauerkraut-Crocks

Step - 4

In this step of preparation salt is added to extract the natural juice from the cabbage. As each layer of cabbage is added, salt is mixed in, then pressed with the fists until juices appear.

Market - Sauerkraut-Pressing

Step - 5

The Stomping continues until the crock is filled to the top.

Market - Sauerkraut-Pressing

Step - 6

The last stage is to keep the cabbage compressed. A glass plate fits into the mouth of the crock, then a 20-pound rock is placed on top. This ensures that the cabbage stays compressed and that the juice is forced to the top to allow for proper fermentation. This particular batch will be jarred and ready November 1.

Market - Sauerkraut-with-Rock