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Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Kuhlmann’s has been your most trusted family owned and operated greenhouse since 1962. We have a long history of offering the best in our own-grown plants, shrubs, vegetables, our famous Kuhlmann’s Sauerkraut and so much more.

Stop in and see why we continue to be Edmonton’s go-to greenhouse, garden and market.

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We have over 2,000 varieties of bedding plants, perennials, geraniums, roses, tomatoes, begonias, fuchsias, herbs, trees, shrubs, fruit trees and vegetables. 

Kuhlmann’s selection is incredibly diverse due to our 300,000 square foot greenhouse. With so much space, we can ensure that our customers receive the highest quality plants we have to offer. Most of the plants we sell are grown within our very own greenhouses and have been tried and tested for our northern climates.