Road Closure Notice: No East access on 167 ave, to reach us exit the Henday at Exit 49 and only go west to 18 st, then North to 167 ave, then follow the signs to Kuhlmann’s

Kuhlmann's Garden

You can count on us to carry beautiful vegetables in season and delicious B.C. fruit. See what’s fresh!

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Potatoes: Red Norland, Bintje (Yellow European), Netted Gem (White Russet)

Carrots: Nantes Coreless

Cabbage: Excellent for Cabbage Rolls and Kraut

Beets: Detroit Dark Red

Turnips/Rutabaga: Great for baking, boiling or steaming

Parsnips: Delicious when roasted

Onions: Fragrant and flavourful

Sour Cabbage Heads: Made from our own cabbage! We core and sour them; all you have to is thaw and roll according to your own recipes. Simple and delicious!

Do you have a question about planting, flowers or anything garden-related?

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